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House Cleaning

Your House Cleaning Company Ready to Make it Shine

You work hard and you deserve to be able to enjoy your home at the end of a long day. Erika's House Cleaning is available to come to your rescue! Our house cleaning company has years of experience restoring order and cleanliness to many homes in our area and can't wait to help you, too! Working moms, dads, and single-parent homes can always use an extra pair of arms to tackle the heavy cleaning, bringing back family time to your schedule.

We offer a range of cleaning services based on how often you want us to visit. However, no matter how often we clean your home, you’ll feel that delightful sense of pride when you walk inside and see how nice and clean things are after we’re finished. Planning for a big party or need a good spring cleaning? Yes, we provide one-off cleaning services, too.

We offer many different specialities depending on what you’re looking for, including window cleaning, disinfecting, and deep cleaning, so give us a call to schedule your free estimate. You can always count on Erika’s House Cleaning!

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