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Not everyone needs regular housecleaning services; sometimes all that’s needed is a one-off cleaning blitz when we will clean the whole house from top to bottom.

Also when you initiate a Regular Maintenance Cleaning with us, your home will get a thorough cleaning, to bring the home to our standards. This cleaning will be longer than future regular maintenance cleanings because we pay special attention to places in your home that tend to go unnoticed.


Image by Aw Creative


  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust furniture, shelves, decorations and knick-knacks, lamps, picture frames etc. (damp wipe if needed)

  • Clean and buff mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Dust and wipe light fixtures and ceiling fans

  • Wipe doors, door frames and doorknobs

  • Wipe baseboards and molding

  • Clean windowsills

  • Dust and wipe blinds and shutters

  • Clean switches, plugs and outlets

  • Clean heating and cooling vents

  • Wipe stair handrails and banisters

  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs

  • Vacuum and mop all bare floors

  • Empty all garbage and replace trash bags

  • Light straightening and organizing (fold blanket, arrange pillows, tidy personal items)

  • Clean washer and dryer

Image by Sidekix Media


  • Wipe all countertops and backsplash (move items on countertop to clean under)

  • Clean inside and outside of microwave

  • Clean stove top, burner rings a grills

  • Clean hood

  • Clean outside of dishwasher, oven and fridge

  • Polish all stainless steel surfaces

  • Scrub sinks and clean faucets

  • Wipe down fronts of cabinets, drawers and handles

  • Clean outside of trash can

  • Fold kitchen towels

  • Clean table and chairs

Modern Bathroom


  • Clean and buff mirrors

  • Wipe countertops, clean items such as soap holder, soap bottle, etc.

  • Scrub sinks and clean faucets

  • Clean, scrub and sanitize shower and bathtub

  • Clean toilet (inside and outside)

  • Wipe down fronts of cabinets and handles

  • Clean toilet paper holder, towel racks, shelves and decorations

  • Fold hanging towels

White Bedroom Concept


  • Clean sliding or storm glass door

  • Make a bed / Change bed sheets

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture

  • Clean walls

  • Clean window tracks

  • Interior and/or exterior window cleaning

  • Clean inside of oven

  • Clean inside of fridge

  • Clean inside of kitchen cabinets


  • Laundry

  • Wash dishes

  • Move or lift anything over 25 LBS

  • Clean TVs or computer monitors

  • Litter box cleaning

  • Animal waste disposal

  • Insects and rodents disposal

  • Hoarding, high levels of trash/debris

  • Cleaning bio-hazards (mold, blood, bodily fluids)

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