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We offer professional interior and exterior window cleaning services to leave your windows sparkling!

In just a few hours, we will tackle every window in your house!

You might be surprised at how bright your house is when the windows are free of dust and dirt.


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    Residential & Commercial Cleaning


  • Inside and Outside Windows Cleaning

  • Outside Window Cleaning Only

  • Window screens cleaning

  • Window tracks and sills cleaning

  • Skylight cleaning

  • Solar panels cleaning

   Traditional window cleaning up to 24 feet - ladder work.
Water Fed Pole & Pure Water Window Cleaning up to 45 feet!

Traditional window cleaning

Traditional methods involve the application of  water with a professional window cleaning solution when the application is done by a T-shaped bar with a microfiber sleeve and whipping the glass by rubber squeegee.

We always use the  traditional window cleaning method for interior window cleaning and is usually also used for exterior window cleaning on lower levels or for windows with heavy build up or construction stuff (silicone, concrete etc.). When for first floors and higher it is necessary to use ladders and/or extendable poles.

Water Fed Pole & Pure Water Window Cleaning - preferred method for height exterior window cleaning

Water fed pole cleaning is a great innovation from the 90’s that has opened up the market for a wide variety of window cleaning jobs. For over three decades water fed pole cleaning has been increasing in popularity all over the world.

Water fed pole window cleaning uses telescopic poles, equipped with brushes and water jets in combination with a water filtration system. Purified water is plain H2O, no other elements like salts, minerals or any solids are present which allow scrub and rinse your windows to perfection.
With the professional pure water system we are able to bring back the sparkling and crystal clear appearance of your windows from the safety of operating the water fed pole systems from the ground.


Other advantages of water fed pole systems include:

  • No film is left on glass so windows stay cleaner for longer

  • Pure water ensures a clear, streak-free finish

  • Ability to reach higher windows

  • Safer use for your window cleaner than using the ladders

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