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Erika's House Cleaning proudly offers our Regular Maintenance Cleaning service, expertly crafted to assist you in preserving a pristine and welcoming home. This service is conveniently available following your initial Deep Cleaning Service.
We accommodate your unique needs by offering flexible reoccurring cleaning schedules — choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments to suit your lifestyle and cleaning requirements. Not sure what schedule You will need? See more information about Cleaning Schedule here!

The Philosophy Behind Our Regular Maintenance Cleaning Routine

Our primary aim during our Regular Maintenance Visits is to help you with keeping your home in peak condition. Although our regular maintenance cleaning doesn't involve heavy-duty tasks like build-up removal, our standard routine is going over the usual industry expectations for maintenance cleaning. If deeper cleaning or special tasks are required, these can be arranged on an as-needed or on-request basis, ensuring we keep up with even more extensive tasks.


Kitchen Maintenance Cleaning Routine

At Erika's House Cleaning, we believe that a clean kitchen is at the heart of every happy home. With our Regular Maintenance Routine for the Kitchen, we aim to provide a comprehensive cleaning that covers the key areas of your kitchen.

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      What Our Kitchen Maintenance Cleaning Includes:

  • Cabinets: We carefully wipe down the fronts of all kitchen cabinets, drawers,  and handles that are safely within reach.

  • Backsplash: Your backsplash is routinely checked and any spots in need of cleaning will be taken care of.

  • Countertops: We ensure all kitchen countertops are wiped. Items that can be safely and efficiently moved will be shifted so we can wipe down the entire surface before replacing them.

  • Appliances: All built-in kitchen appliances, including your hood, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator, that can be safely reached, will be cleaned and polished (in the case of stainless steel appliances).

  • Microwave: We clean both the interior and exterior of your microwave to keep it ready for use.

  • Stove: We clean your whole stovetop.

  • Sink and Faucet: Your kitchen sinks and faucets are scrubbed clean.

  • Floors: We vacuum all carpets and rugs, and vacuum and mop all bare floors.

  • Additional Features: We wipe the tops of bar stools or kitchen island chairs. We dust kitchen decorations, the top of the refrigerator (if reachable), and kitchen hanging lights with a Swiffer. The outside of the trash can is wiped down and your kitchen towels are neatly folded for that extra touch.

Bathroom Maintenance Cleaning Routine

At Erika's House Cleaning, we recognize that a well-cleaned bathroom contributes significantly to the comfort and hygiene of your home. Our Regular Maintenance Routine for Bathrooms is tailored to cover the essentials and maintain cleanliness and freshness in your bathroom space.

Modern Bathtub

What Our Bathroom Maintenance Cleaning Includes:

  • Cabinets: We carefully wipe the fronts of all bathroom cabinets, drawers, and handles that are safely reachable, ensuring a tidy appearance.

  • Mirrors: All bathroom mirrors will be cleaned and buffed, offering a clear, spot-free reflection.

  • Countertops: We will clean all bathroom countertops. 

  • Sink and Faucet: Your bathroom sinks and faucets will be scrubbed clean.

  • Bathtub/Shower: We clean, scrub, and sanitize your shower and bathtub.

  • Toilet: We clean and disinfect the toilet both inside and outside to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Floors: We vacuum all carpets and rugs, and vacuum and mop all bare floors.

  • Additional Features: We dust bathroom lights, toilet paper holders, towel racks, shelves, and decorations with a Swiffer, and neatly fold hanging towels for a clean and tidy bathroom.

Living Areas Maintenance Cleaning Routine

At Erika's House Cleaning, we believe that every corner of your home contributes to its overall ambiance. Our Regular Maintenance Routine for Living Areas, including the living room, bedrooms, and other common spaces, focuses on keeping your spaces dust-free, tidy, and inviting.

Modern House

What Our Living Areas Maintenance Cleaning Includes:

  • Dusting: With the use of a 3ft extended Swiffer, we dust furniture, shelves, decorations, knick-knacks, lamps, and picture frames. This tool allows us to reach most areas in your home. We wipe switches on as needed basis (fingerprint, etc.).

  • Surface Cleaning: We dust all surfaces with Swiffer and wipe furniture tops such as dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands, and clean and buff mirrors, and glass surfaces as needed. Breakfast or dining table top will be always wiped.

  • Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Doors & Baseboards: We dust safely accessible light fixtures, ceiling fans, doors, door frames, baseboards, moldings, and air vents using our 3ft extended Swiffer. Doorknobs are wiped down as needed

  • Windowsills & Blinds: We dust windowsills, blinds, and shutters with our 3ft extended Swiffer.

  • Floors & Stairs: We wipe stair handrails, dust between banisters, vacuum all carpets and rugs, and vacuum and mop all bare floors.

  • Garbage Management: We empty all garbage and replace trash bags (please note, we do not provide trash bags or emptying diapers trash disposers).

  • Light Organizing: We provide light and efficient straightening and organizing services such as folding blankets and arranging pillows.

  • Laundry Room: In the laundry room, we hand-wipe the tops and fronts of the washer and dryer as needed (spill-ups, etc.). 

Enhance Your Cleaning Experience with Our Add-On Services

At Erika's House Cleaning, we understand that every home has unique needs. That's why, alongside our thorough Regular Maintenance Cleaning routine, we offer a variety of optional Add-On services to cater to those specific requirements that make your house truly feel like home.

White Bedroom Concept

Our Add-On services provide that extra touch of care:

  • Patio Glass Door Care: Clean sliding or storm glass doors and interior French doors for a flawless view.

  • Glass Spot Cleaning: Sometimes you don't need the whole door or window to be cleaned but you will need only wipe off dog nose prints and fingerprints from windows to maintain a pristine outlook.

  • Bed Maintenance: Make your bed and change bed sheets for a fresh and inviting sleeping space.

  • Furniture Vacuuming: Vacuum upholstered furniture, maintaining its appearance and prolonging its lifespan.

  • China Cabinet Care: Clean inside of china cabinets to showcase your prized collections.

  • Extra Wiping: Wet wipe blinds, shutters, doors, door frames, and ceiling fans for a deeper clean.

  • Inside of the Appliances Cleaning: Clean the inside of your oven, fridge, and kitchen cabinets to promote a healthier kitchen environment.

If you have a specific cleaning need that is not listed here, we encourage you to reach out to us.

We're always eager to accommodate your needs and will do our best to provide a solution that fits your home maintenance requirements.

At Erika's House Cleaning, we strive to go above and beyond in serving your home cleaning needs.

Enhance your cleaning experience today with our exclusive Add-On services!

Our Regular Cleaning Routine is our commitment to helping you maintain a clean, safe home. We are here to save you time, granting you more opportunities to engage in activities you truly enjoy.
Trust Erika's House Cleaning to enhance your living experience, because life is too short to spend it cleaning!

Understanding Our Approach to Providing a Safe,
Respectful, and Efficient Maintenance Cleaning Service:

At Erika's House Cleaning, we take immense pride in offering you a reliable, efficient, and thorough Regular Maintenance Cleaning routine.

Our commitment to safety and respect for your personal space shapes our service approach, and so we've outlined a few important aspects for your understanding:

  1. Safe Reach & Extended Dusting: We tailor our cleaning efforts to ensure the safety of our team and the integrity of your home. Our cleaning scope predominantly includes areas comfortably and safely reachable from the floor level, with the aid of a 3ft extended Swiffer for dusting. This approach ensures a safe working environment while effectively maintaining cleanliness in accessible areas. However, we understand that some homes may require cleaning in higher places. If needed, this can be arranged upon request, where we will bring the proper equipment like step stools. Rest assured, these tasks will be performed by properly trained and insured cleaning technicians who specialize in high cleaning work.

  2. Respecting Personal Items: Your home is your personal space filled with personal belongings. As such, we do not clean or organize specific personal items including dishes, food items, groceries, laundry, and makeup sets. Our focus remains on the surfaces and common areas around these items to ensure a tidy and clean home environment.

  3. Preparation for Cleaning: We are committed to providing a thorough and effective cleaning service. To help us in this endeavor, we kindly ask our clients to clear surfaces expected to be cleaned of clutter and dirty dishes prior to our service. Regular items such as dish soap, hand soap, lotion bottles, toothpaste, and toothbrushes that can be safely moved will be shifted, the area will be cleaned, and then the items will be replaced. For countertops with an extended amount of cosmetics or other items, placing them on a tray or in a box before our visit will facilitate a complete countertop clean. This preparation enables us to focus on deep cleaning the space for optimal results.

  4. Appliances and Specific Features: Some areas require specific care and handling that go beyond the scope of our regular maintenance cleaning. These include cleaning hood air filters and moving large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators or stoves. Our aim is to provide comprehensive cleaning without risking damage to these sensitive and often high-value items.

  5. Personal Documents: We understand that your personal documents may be confidential and should remain in the order you have placed them. Hence, to respect your privacy and maintain the arrangement of your paperwork, we refrain from moving or organizing piles of documents during our cleaning routines.

  6. Trash Management: As part of our cleaning service, we manage regular waste disposal. However, we request that all personal hygiene products and any other sensitive trash items are appropriately disposed of in trash bins by the client beforehand. This is to maintain hygiene standards and respect personal boundaries.

Our intention is to offer a service that strikes a balance between thorough cleaning and respect for your personal space and belongings. Your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines enable us to provide a high-quality cleaning service focused on enhancing the comfort and cleanliness of your home. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and trust in our service.

Your Comfort, Our Commitment

At Erika's House Cleaning, our Regular Maintenance Cleaning service is designed with you in mind. We understand that your home is more than just a space; it's your sanctuary, a reflection of your lifestyle, and a place where precious memories are created.

Our team of dedicated professionals prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction, delivering a cleaning service that ensures a consistently clean, fresh, and welcoming home environment. We navigate the fine line between deep cleaning and respecting your personal belongings and private spaces with attentiveness and care.


We believe in open communication and transparency with our clients. To this end, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the scope of our service, and we're always open to address any specific needs or concerns you might have. This collaborative approach allows us to tailor our cleaning routine to best serve your unique home maintenance needs.


Our Maintenance Cleaning service not only provides a clean living environment but also gifts you the invaluable benefit of time - time to spend with loved ones, to focus on other home projects, or simply to unwind in a clean and serene space.


With Erika's House Cleaning, you can rest assured that your home is in capable and caring hands. We're here to support your home maintenance goals, providing an effective, reliable cleaning service that enhances your home life and peace of mind.

So, sit back and relax while we take care of the cleaning because you deserve a clean home without stress.

Which Schedule to Choose?

Customize Your Cleaning Schedule: Regular Maintenance Cleaning Scheduling Options

Every home operates at its unique rhythm, reflecting the varied activities and lifestyles of its inhabitants. At Erika's House Cleaning, we understand this diversity and offer regular cleaning service schedules that adapt seamlessly to your home's needs. Whether it's a bustling family home or a lightly occupied residence, we have a schedule to match.

Weekly Cleaning Service
Life doesn't pause, and a week can bring a whirlwind of activities, especially in busy homes with large families or shared spaces. Our Weekly Cleaning Service keeps your home in order, affording you time for life's activities and family. Weekly services are ideal for those desiring the convenience of minimal home cleaning duties, extremely bustling homes, or households abounding with lovable pets.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Service

Find the sweet spot between weekly luxury services and monthly services which may not be enough to maintain busy households. With our Bi-Weekly Cleaning Service, you could have a perfect balance. Less intensive than weekly but more regular than monthly, it's perfect for maintaining an inviting home. It’s a cost-effective solution for consistently busy homes or those graced with the presence of furry pals.

Monthly Cleaning Service

Our Monthly Cleaning Service is ideal for lightly occupied homes or for those managing routine tasks. With thorough cleaning every four weeks, we keep your home fresh, addressing tasks that could be easily missed when you maintain your house between our visits. For homes bustling with activity and furry companions, we highly recommend our Bi-Weekly or Weekly Service.

Our services regardless of frequency also come with additional flexibility to cater to the unique needs of your home. For instance, we can do regular recurring cleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis for the areas of your home that see the most use, such as living rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms. Meanwhile, less frequently occupied areas - think guest bedrooms, guest bathrooms, or basement spaces - can be cleaned as needed, upon your request prior to our scheduled visit. This approach ensures that all areas of your home receive the attention they need, when they need it, making our cleaning services as efficient and tailored as possible.

In essence, whether you choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning service, it's about more than just maintaining cleanliness. It's about enhancing your lifestyle, health, and well-being, and creating a space that feels like a sanctuary, not a chore. Allow us to help make your home the best version of itself with our Regular Maintenance Cleaning Services.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance Cleaning Services

At Erika's House Cleaning, we understand that a clean home is more than just a pleasant sight – it is the cornerstone of a comfortable, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle. Our comprehensive and professional regular maintenance cleaning services are designed not just to meet, but exceed your expectations, bringing a multitude of benefits to your life. We pride ourselves on offering you more than just a spotless home; we deliver peace of mind, healthier living spaces, and the freedom to enjoy your time as you wish.

Let's explore some of the key benefits you can expect when you choose our regular maintenance cleaning services:

Promote Quality Time

Regular maintenance cleanings free up hours from your schedule, allowing you to enjoy more quality time with your friends and family. Leave the cleaning to us and savor those precious moments that truly matter.

Healthier Living Space

By systematically preventing the build-up of dust and other allergens, our regular cleaning services contribute to a healthier, fresher living environment. This can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from allergies and respiratory conditions.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Why split your energy between various home maintenance tasks? With our help, you can focus on other important aspects of home upkeep while we ensure your living spaces are spotless and inviting.

Preserve the Beauty of Your Home

Regular cleaning helps in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. It significantly reduces the risk of set-in stains from food, mold, and hard water, preserving the life and look of your fabrics, surfaces, and appliances.

Stay Ready for Surprise Visits

With our regular maintenance cleaning, you will always be prepared to welcome unexpected visitors. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is guest-ready at any given moment.

Prolonged Lifespan of Household Items

Regular cleanings can help increase the lifespan of various household items such as carpets, furniture, and appliances by keeping them in optimal condition. This can save you money in the long run on replacement costs.

Creates a Productive Environment

A clean, organized home fosters a more productive and serene atmosphere. It can improve mood and efficiency, making it easier for you to accomplish tasks at home without distractions.

Enhanced Safety

Regular cleanings decrease the chance of accidents by identifying potential issues, such as cluttered spaces or tripping hazards.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our regular maintenance cleaning services not only make your home spotless but also contribute to a healthier planet. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are effective yet gentle on your surfaces and safe for your family and pets.

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