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One-Time Service and
Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services Additional Terms and Conditions

Published: 01/24/2024 and in effect from 02/01/2024


By scheduling services with Erika's House Cleaning LLC, the client acknowledges and accepts our company's  'Move-In and Move-Out Services additional Terms and Conditions.'


Please note that these policies are in addition to Erika's House Cleaning LLC General Terms and Conditions, which can be reviewed at


At Erika's House Cleaning, we are committed to providing exceptional cleaning services. This policy enables us to maintain our quality of service while offering valuable savings to our loyal customers and maintaining a stable work environment for our employees.

1. Booking Deposit

A "booking deposit" of up to 50% of the service charge may be required to secure a one-time cleaning or initial deep cleaning service. This deposit will be applied to the balance and is non-refundable if the service is canceled within 5 business days of the scheduled cleaning.


2. Safe Cleaning Practices

Safe Reach & Extended Dusting: We tailor our cleaning efforts to ensure the safety of our team and the integrity of your home. Our cleaning scope predominantly includes areas comfortably and safely reachable from the floor level, with the aid of a 6ft extended Swiffer for dusting and removing cobwebs and utilizing a stepstool that will give us approximately 8ft reach for hand wipe. This approach ensures a safe working environment. However, we understand that some homes may require cleaning in higher places. If needed, this can be arranged upon request, where we will bring the proper equipment like bigger step stools or ladders. Rest assured, these tasks will be performed by properly trained and insured cleaning technicians who specialize in high cleaning work.


3. House Contents

Our focus remains on the house surfaces for Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service 

We expect the house will be empty without furniture, decorations, pictures, or other personal items.

With One-time Service, we kindly ask our clients to clear surfaces expected to be cleaned of clutter and dirty

dishes prior to our service. Regular items such as dish soap, hand soap, lotion bottles, toothpaste, and

toothbrushes that can be safely moved will be shifted, the area will be cleaned, and then the items will be

replaced. For countertops with an extended amount of cosmetics or other items, placing them on a tray or in

a box before our visit will facilitate a complete countertop clean. This preparation enables us to focus on

deep cleaning the space for optimal results. We also kindly ask our clients to remove any extended trash, all

personal items, food, and all other items from the inside of kitchens and bathroom cabinets. Empty the Fridge and Freezer. if cleaning of the inside of these spaces will be included. Please do not schedule other inside-of-house services like Carpet Cleaning, Painters, Plumbers, Photography, etc for the same day as our service! When scheduling a Deep Cleaning, One-Time Service, or Move-In/Move-Out Service, please be aware that for most jobs, we may need to be at the property for the entire day. In some cases, for very large jobs, it may take multiple days to complete. If multiple days are needed, we will notify the client as soon as possible.

4. Appliances and Specific Features

Some areas require specific care and handling that go beyond the scope of our cleaning. These include cleaning hood air filters and moving large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators or stoves. Our aim is to provide comprehensive cleaning without risking damage to these sensitive and often high-value items.


5. Trash Management

As part of our cleaning service, we manage regular waste disposal. However, we request that all personal hygiene products and any other sensitive trash items are appropriately disposed of in trash bins by the client beforehand. This is to maintain hygiene standards and respect personal boundaries.


6. Add-On Cleaning Services

Please note that our Add-On Cleaning Services are supplementary to your regular or deep cleaning service and are not available as standalone services. These areas can be added to your regular cleaning appointment.


7. Review Service Specifics

To provide you with the best possible service, we encourage you to review the specifics of what is included in each of our cleaning services. Detailed information can be found on our website at


 Erika's House Cleaning LLC reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any individual or entity at any time for any reason. This includes but is not limited to, instances of non-payment or violation of our terms and conditions. 

Erika's House Cleaning LLC reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and our sole discretion. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be communicated to the Client in writing via email or text message.


24/7 via email at

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 5:30 PM via phone or text at (719) 510-0323


Principal and Mailing Address: 4850 Purcell Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Office Address: 5635 Industrial Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

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